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Discover wonderful places around Dubai, with our Rolls Royce tours.


Airport Transfer - 750 AED (+ vat 5%)

Why rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai to make the transfer from the international airport to the city? You will enjoy the pleasure of a luxury transfer from the largest international airport in the Middle East, located just 4 km northeast of Dubai. Its proximity to the city makes it unique in the world, as well as being the main airport for international flights. Rent a Rolls Royce Down, one of the most famous cars produced by the British car manufacturer, has a top speed of 250 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 per hour in 4.9 seconds.

Abu Dhabi Transfer - 1.250 AED (+ vat 5%)

Rent a Rolls Royce to make the transfer from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, after enjoying the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The capital is characterized by modern skyscrapers and large shopping centers, where the activity of oil extraction is reflected in the urban context. Immerse yourself in ancient realities rich in history, such as the mosque of Sheikh Zayed, to the beaches full of water parks. Renting a Rolls Royce you will experience a luxury transfer after enjoying all the beauties of one of the most modern cities in the world.

Dubai Tour 2 hours - 2.250 AED (+ vat 5%)/ Dubai Tour 6 hours (entrance) - 3.500 AED (+ vat 5%) Atlantis - Marina-Burj Al Arab - Burj Khalifa - The Frame

A 2/6 hour luxury tour of Dubai renting a Rolls Royce is just the thing for you. Experience the wonders of the city by visiting the places that characterize Dubai.

Atlantis The Palm

The fairytale castle exists and its name is Atlantis The Palm! Inside hides a breathtaking aquarium impossible not to photograph, the large main tank, home to many varieties of marine species, leaves all visitors speechless.

Dubai Marina

District born in the early 2000s and is located about 25km from Downtown Dubai. Taking a walk in the most glamorous district of Dubai allows you to discover unique architectural beauties just a step from the waters of the Persian Gulf. The night shots are particularly suggestive, the skyscrapers come to life at sunset thanks to the infinite lights.

Burj Al Arab

The unique sail-shaped shape has made this hotel one of the symbols of modern Dubai. Often voted as the most luxurious hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab is built on a triangular artificial island, reaches 321 metres above sea level and boasts the world's highest entrance hall. As well as representing a hotel, it is also more of an experience in itself, extended over the years to those who do not stay, drinking a drink or stopping at one of the restaurants.

Burj Khalifa

With its 828 meters that make it the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa dominates Dubai and represents the union of art, engineering and tradition. It houses thousands of square metres of office space, 900 private homes, the 160 rooms of the Armani Hotel, the At the Top, the 124th-floor outdoor observation point and the top At The TopSKY, the record-breaking viewing platform located on the 148th floor.

The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame, inaugurated in 2018, represents one of the latest innovations in the extraordinary city skyline and is a masterpiece of engineering. It is one of the favourite destinations of both residents and tourists. From a height of 150 metres, the Dubai Frame offers visitors a breathtaking view of every corner of the city, from the old city of Deira to the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf, passing through the boundless dunes of the Arabian Desert to the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina. A perfect location to capture different perspectives of the City.

Abu Dhabi Tour 9 hours - 5.000 AED (+ vat 5%) Viceroy Hotel - Louvre - Corniche - Emirates Palace - Qasr Al Watan - Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Rent a Rolls Royce and take your 9-hour luxury tour of Abu Dhabi. Enjoy the fantastic places that characterize the capital of the United Arab Emirates in the right luxury and relaxation with the ultimate experience you can. You'll experience the beauties that characterize the capital with different eyes by renting a Rolls Royce.


Located in the Abu Dhabi marine area, it boasts an architectural structure in Italian style. The hotel has the unique feature of being built around an F1 track and half on land and half on water. What makes it special is the curved steel and glass roof connected to a bridge that crosses the F1 circuit. The rooms feature a futuristic design in an ultra-modern, minimalist style, with futuristic shapes and materials. Equipped with every comfort, all rooms have views of the Yas Marina, Yas Island and the F1 circuit.

Louvre of Abu Dhabi

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi is the city's museum of art and civilisation, opened in 2017, and is located on the island of Sa'diyyat, the city's cultural district and designed by French archistar Jean Nouvel. Designed in an unusual way, compared to the other structures present on the territory of the capital, longitudinal rather than vertical. There are 55 white buildings on 87 thousand square meters and surmounted by a dome that filters light, so as to modulate the torrid heat of the region. The result of a three-year agreement with the French government, it houses works from all over the world, trying to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern culture. Among the most famous works, two paintings by Leonardo, some works by Picasso and the portrait of Napoleon by the painter David.


The Corniche or Corniche Road stretches over 8 km and forms a wide curve on the west side of the main island of Abu Dhabi. It is characterized by the presence of cycle paths, fountains and areas for public beaches and pristine and watched over by lifeguards. Corniche Beach is a pristine beach that stretches along the entire Corniche Road. The blue flag of these beaches internationally certifies the high environmental standard of the beaches and marinas.

Emirates Palace

Luxurious and famous hotel located in the heart of Abu Dhabi stands out for its design and offers. It consists of 114 domes, with the central dome 72.6 meters high. Mother-of-pearl gold and crystals characterise its interiors, with 1002 chandeliers and handmade tapestries that recall the palace itself. Perfect for a dream holiday, thanks to its pristine beach, private port overlooking a natural hut and panoramic swimming pools.

Qasr Al Watan

Recently visible to the public, the Qasr Al Watan is the presidential palace of Abu Dhabi. Its corridors and halls are the meeting place of the greatest leaders, not only international but also global. In its offices work the president, the sheikh, the Crown Prince and his brother. Visitors are given the opportunity to visit a permanent and interactive exhibition dedicated to the history and culture of the United Arab Emirates, a house of knowledge, a library, and temporary exhibitions.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

One of the largest mosques in the world capable of accommodating 40,000 worshippers. The name of the mosque comes from the first ceremony carried out, the funeral of Sheikh Zayed whose body was buried there. It has 80 domes, about 1000 columns, 24-carat gold plated chandeliers and the world's largest hand-knotted carpet. The mosque is surrounded by pools that amplify its beauty, during the day the color stands out white and gold while at night an artificial lighting system reflects the colors of the phases of the moon. Unlike the other mosques, Sheikh Zayed's mosque is open to visitors every day except on Friday mornings, when only the faithful are allowed in.

Tour 6 hours - 4.000 AED (+ vat 5%) Desert - Hatta Fort-JA Hatta Resort - Hatta kayak

Rent a Rolls Royce and visit the wonders of Hatta, a sheikhdom near the mountains of Hajjar. Discover the wonders offered by the territory, from the desert safari, to the beauties of the Hatta Fort and the Resort and end with the kayaking activity immersing you in a breathtaking landscape.


Rent a Roll Roys, leave the city behind and experience unique emotions as you walk through the desert dunes. All this represents the right mix for you: luxury, speed, fun and relaxation.

Ja Hatta Fort and Hatta Fort Resort

After visiting the Hatta Fort monument you will visit the Hatta Fort Hotel which is located 2.7 km from the Hatta Dam and is a small four star resort in the United Arab Emirates. The hotel has chalet-style rooms lined with pathways to the main building, it also has two villa suites and a larger villa for rental. It has a golf course, mini golf, clay pigeon shooting and archery and two swimming pools. What most characterizes it is its immersion in a unique natural setting.

Hatta kayak

Hatta Kayak is a unique tourist destination in Dubai for those seeking relaxation in a natural place and a new experience of practicing the sport of kayaking in the vast lake formed by the Hatta Dam.The mountains surrounding the Hatta Dam make the view breathtaking and together with the turquoise water will allow you to enjoy a unique experience, practicing the sport of kayaking in a unique place.

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