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Discover how you can invest with us and expand your business with our cars, get 50% of the profits every month!

In recent years, the car rental sector has experienced significant growth. Renting a car has its advantages: cost reduction, such as management and maintenance costs, and enjoyment of all the benefits associated with an assistance service active 365 days a year. Car rental, therefore, is the best way to get around without having to buy your own car. All of this also applies to luxury cars: if you need a car with certain performance characteristics and high quality standards, a rental agency is the right choice for you.

The rental of luxury cars allows the customer to take advantage of a very prestigious high-end car, without having to shell out a large budget for the purchase. When you are in Dubai, for business or pleasure, you can rent a luxury car very easily. Just type on Google “supercars in Dubai” to understand how solid the luxury car business is in the United Arab Emirates. Did you know that with Supercar per Hour you can have the advantages of starting a luxury car rental business without taking any risk?

Invest with Supercar per Hour Find out how to invest with Supercar per Hour and expand your business by making your car available for our fleet. Invest in the Supercar per Hour project, which allows you to earn a surplus every month, without incurring any expenses. No management costs (such as that for employees and office rental), car washing or marketing costs: for one year you will collect 50% of the income from the rent of your supercar or luxury car.

Know all the steps to follow to invest in the luxury car rental market.

– As an external investor, you can choose which budget to dedicate to the Supercar per Hour project. Once the figure has been defined, the external investor buys a car – including GPS and with insurance – and makes it available to Supercar for Hour.

– A regular 1-year contract is stipulated. The contract provides that for 12 months the external investor receives 50% of the profit earned from the rental of the car, without having to incur any additional costs.

– Supercar per Hour undertakes to manage the car of the external investor for 1 year, taking full responsibility for the management and maintenance costs of the car.

– At the end of the one-year contract, Supercar no longer holds any rights to the car, which is returned to the owner.

In case of sale of the car, the proceeds go to the external investor. Supercar per Hour, the best way to get around Dubai Supercar per Hour has been offering for years the rental of sports cars, luxury cars and supercars throughout the UAE. Our customers, made up of professionals, tourists or even companies, use the car rental service with an hourly rate, in addition to the classic daily option. In fact, our rental cars have clear prices, reported on the site with all the services included in the fee.

Treat yourself to a unique experience of its kind, which will lead you to discover the most evocative cities of the United Arab Emirates. Travel to Abu Dhabi aboard aFerrari to visit Ferrari World, the first park in the world designed with themes related to the Scuderia del cavallino; or choose a Lamborghini to cross the city of Dubai at full speed, without sacrificing luxury. Become part of the Supercar family for Hour and support our project!