Dubai speeding fines
TUESDAY, JULY 20, 2021

Dubai speeding fines

by Supercarperhour

Any person exceeding the permitted speed limit by less than 60 km / h over the prescribed speed limit must expect a fine of 1,500 AED and 6 black points; the vehicle will be impounded for 15 days. Anyone who drives his car more than 60 km / h above the permitted speed must expect a fine of up to 3,000 AED, 12 black points and impounding the vehicle for up to 30 days. Exceeding the prescribed speed limit of 80 km / h can also be punished with a fine of up to 1,000 euros and up to 23 black points, with the vehicle and driving licence confiscated for 60 days.

Family members who cannot pay the RTA fines risk losing their homes. Failure to pay the fines can result in an arrest for driving without a licence, which can lead to the removal of property.

Dubai police have not reduced traffic violations and fines during Ramadan, Al-Ittihad reported. However, Dubai police officials confirmed that they have learned from past experience that such initiatives have a negative impact on motorists and have led to an increase in the number of road accidents and deaths.

In the event of an infringement, the Dubai Police website will display a complete list of traffic infringements committed by the Dubai Police, fines, the amount of black points awarded to each of them and the duration of the impounding of the vehicle. After you have paid the penalty, you can check the fines you have received on the service's website. Check the status of your traffic records to see if you have received a fine and paid the fine.

The aim of the law is to send a clear message to drivers not to distract them. In some cities, traffic police have installed speed cameras to capture images of speeding vehicles.

A British tourist who risked a 175,000 Dhh speed fine in a Lamborghini supercar during a four-hour trip in the emirate of Dubai made headlines around the world after being caught 33 times speeding. The British tourist, who has not been named, agreed to pay the fine after being parked at the Five Palms Jumeirah Hotel Resort in Dubai. The car was at the centre of a sensational fine for parking at the five-star resort.

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