Dubai Expo 2020 - What to see

Dubai Expo 2020 - What to see

by Supercarperhour

Expo 2020 has three core themes : sustainability, mobility and opportunity, and these themes are explored in three specific districts in a variety of ways. There will be 192 national pavilions and a special pavilion focusing on opportunities, mobility and sustainability. One of them will be the Mission Possible pavilion, which will house the United Nations Centre. 

The conical, cross-shaped wooden pavilion by British designer Devlin anchors the Expo's mobility district. Studio Woha from Singapore created the plant-filled pavilion as the country pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai. It is located in a quiet room lined with wood, where people can escape the hustle and bustle of the exhibition.

The Belgian pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020, entitled The Green Arch, highlights the emergence of connected and green cities through its industrial, technological and scientific knowledge. Given Belgium's urban development prospects, including the creation of smart mobility systems of the future, the Pavilion sets out its vision for 2050 based on today's creative innovations in smart, clean and safe mobility. 

The interior of the Swiss pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 is divided into three acts, so that visitors can experience the particularities of Switzerland and their journey from tradition to the latest innovation. The entire experience of the pavilion conveys the strengths and opportunities of the country in the areas of education, research, innovation and the economy. The falcon-shaped pavilion of the United Arab Emirates is the largest and guides visitors through a two-hour immersive experience of dunes and real orange sand with footage from the country's 50-year history.

Don't forget to collect your Expo Pass from the official shop to have it stamped before visiting one of the pavilions at the Expo. Dubai Expo 2020 will be the biggest tourism event since the beginning of the pandemic with 2.5 million visitors expected over the next six months. 

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