Abandoned supercars in Dubai

Abandoned supercars in Dubai

by Supercarperhour

According to Gulf News newspaper, between 2,000 and 3,000 cars in Dubai are discarded every year in the scorching desert heat, and they are left behind by their owners to collect dust. If you can't find a parking space with abandoned supercars, stay away from the auction sites for a while if possible.

Pictures of them, including the PS1 million Enzo, have sparked anger on social media with many believing that Dubai's hyper-rich citizens are so rich and deaf to the value of the things they own that they leave behind the cars because they are bored. The website Car Key claims that many owners leave their cars behind after failing to make costly payments. Abdul Majeed Saifaie, director of Dubai's Waste Management Department, says the government confiscates cars, blocks roads or compromises safety, while others leave them standing for years before they can be restored.

Various supercars with six and seven-figure price tags can be found in the airport car parks and on the roadside. To view these cars, they are popular at legal auctions such as Copartmea and Emirates Auctions. The easiest way is that you have to register at the auction, but as I mentioned before, people buy cars online and offer very high bids for certain cars.

Authorities in Dubai are stepping up efforts to clear abandoned luxury cars from the streets. With one of the world's richest junkyards likely to expand, Dubai authorities have announced plans to increase efforts to clear streets of abandoned luxury vehicles. While many of the high-value vehicles were recovered by police after being left on public roads, others were disposed of in car parks, airports and remote locations known as "super car cemeteries" to avoid authorities.

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