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Renting luxury cars is a unique experience, to be done at least once in a lifetime. There are places and situations that require a special accessory. When you are in Dubai, for example, driving a luxury car is the first point to unmark on the travel ‘to do list’. Among the tallest skyscrapers in the world, super shopping malls and futuristic attractions, a high-end car certainly cannot be missing to accompany us on this adventure! Supercar per Hour offers the possibility of renting the best luxury cars, which make four-wheel enthusiasts dream. Our car fleet in Dubai consists of sports cars, supercars, luxury cars and SUVs. We constantly update the car fleet to always offer the best experience to our customers. Cars for refined palates, it is very rare to see a Rolls Royce around the street, even in Dubai, the capital of luxury cars. The reason is that the Rolls Royce cannot be classified as a commercial car, on the contrary, far from it. It is a real luxury brand that produces an exclusive product. It is estimated that the Goodwood plant in England produces just 20 cars a day and that sales are close to a few thousand units a year. Drive a rare car in Dubai: thanks to Supercar per Hour you can rent a Rolls Royce Dawn. The latest model – a marvel of satellite technology and luxury design – also takes its name from the 1952 Silver Dawn, one of the most famous convertibles in automotive history.

4 curiosities about Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. The English car that conquered everyone (really everyone!) from royal families to Hollywood stars was the backdrop to some of the most important events in modern history. Do you think that Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, arrived aboard a Rolls Royce on her wedding day with Prince William. Not only the British royals, even the king of rock & roll Elvis Presley was fascinated by the RR, grabbing a legendary model, namely a 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II. Rolls Royce has gone through 100 years of history, resisting time and competition. Let’s find out 4 curiosities about Rolls Royce, the British car manufacturer that most of all represents elegance and royalty. • One of the most recognizable symbols of Rolls Royce cars is the small statuette placed on the front bonnet, right on the grille. We are talking about the Flying Lady, also called Spirit of Ecstasy, the statuette that has evolved over the years, changing design and material, without ever being replaced. A slender female body leaning forward, arms stretched back like wings: everything seems to symbolize dynamism. • Rolls Royces are… handmade. On the door of any Rolls Royce is engraved a wording: ‘handmade in Goodwood’, the place where the RR factory is located. However, it is not the entire car that is ‘handmade’, but the assembly of the bodywork, which is done manually. • Rolls Royce is said to be the most exclusive car brand in the world. The reason? The entire car is fully customizable: interior, upholstery, ceiling and the entire color palette. • The most expensive car in the world? A Rolls Royce, of course. In 2013, a customer asked for an ‘a’ la carte’, i.e. completely customized car. The Rolls Royce Sweptail, the model requested by the rich and demanding customer, was only withdrawn in 2017. Although this is an estimate, it seems that the price of the car is around 41,952,691 Dirhams (11,412,445 US dollars).