Supercar Per Hour

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To make your stay in Dubai more exciting and 100 times more fun, book a supercar rental. Fulfill the dream of driving an expensive car even for just one day or, if you prefer, for a handful of hours. Dubai is unanimously considered one of the best cities in the world to indulge in the whim of renting a supercar. In fact, on the streets of Dubai there is a very high concentration of racing cars and high-end cars: a real paradise for a 4-wheel enthusiast. Once you set foot in the Emirate, you won’t believe your eyes: on every street corner, you will see an incredible amount of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens and even Rolls Royces, the car chosen by the British Royal family. Rent your luxury car in the United Arab Emirates with Supercar per Hour, in just a few clicks you can book your car by choosing from the most famous brands in the world. SUVs, supercars, muscle cars and luxury cars: our fleet includes a wide range of vehicles, always updated with the car models most requested by customers. Among the most popular car brands for rental we find Mercedes Benz, the German queen, whose sedan cars are a symbol of elegance and luxury all over the world.

Why Mercedes is always a good choice?

Let’s face it, at least once in our life we have imagined ourselves driving a Mercedes, perhaps a powerful AMG G63 model SUV or an elegant and modern C300 class sedan. Renting a Mercedes, in the unique setting of Dubai, allows you to have a dream car all to yourself, without having to worry about the price and management costs. Mercedes cars are appreciated all over the world for their performance and for their unmistakable shapes, sinuous and dynamic at the same time. Renting a luxury car is convenient and preferable to buying: the price of a Mercedes-Benz is not suitable for all budgets. Supercars per Hour allows you to choose from a variety of supercar and luxury car models. Car rental offers the possibility to change cars every day, driving the most popular car models in Dubai.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Dubai in a supercar!

Are you planning your trip to Dubai? There are best and worst times to visit the capital of luxury and a lot also depends on the budget you have available. In fact, the high season in Dubai runs from November to March and is characterized by bright days and mild evenings. The low season in Dubai, on the other hand, starts in May and ends in August. Airline tickets will cost less even if the very high temperatures perceived will make visiting the United Arab Emirates tiring. During peak season, due to high demand, rental cars may be in short supply in the UAE. For this reason, it is advisable to book your dream supercar in advance before leaving for Dubai. This way you can secure the keys to a Lambo – one of the most popular rental cars – or a fiery red Ferrari. A dream for every motor enthusiast. On the Supercar per Hour website you will be able to find out the price and services of each car in the catalogue. The car rental offers assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and insurance that covers the costs in the event of a road accident.