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Book online at Supercar per Hour and fulfill your dream of driving a supercar in Dubai, even if it’s just for one day. You can choose to rent the most popular McLaren models at no additional cost. If while you are in Dubai you want to surprise your partner with an elegant car or indulge in the unbridled pleasure of driving a sports model, you can rent a supercar without spending a fortune. Supercars per Hour offers a comprehensive catalog of rental cars, including the most renowned and in-demand supercars in Dubai, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren.

Hit the track with McLaren

Is your dream to drive a Formula 1 car? This is a privilege reserved for very few people. Fortunately McLaren, the brand that made the history of racing cars, also produces road-going supercars. The McLaren brand was founded in 1963 by the famous New Zealand racing driver Bruce McLaren. From the design of racing cars, production has expanded to include traditional cars. Cars that everyone can drive, but not for everyone: the McLarens retain a strong sporting vocation and shine for grit and agility. On board a McLaren you absolutely have to put shyness aside and give way to the audacity and explosive power typical of sports cars. Don’t be fooled by appearances: a transgressive design and top performance worthy of a racing car hide unparalleled comfort, ideal for everyday driving. Indeed, every model of McLaren car is characterized by handling and ease of driving. Getting behind the wheel of a supercar is the best you can get from the driving experience, but being aboard a McLaren is even more so. Choose the McLaren in Dubai that you prefer among those rented with Supercar per Hour. Sporty soul and high performance: the McLaren 570s is the carbon supercar with a V8 engine that recalls the Lambo thanks to the eccentric hinged doors. When it comes to Gran Turismo, the McLaren GT leads the way. Top performance and large trunk, ideal for long journeys.

Rent McLaren in Dubai in advance

Rent your supercar in Dubai before arriving in the UAE. In this way, you will have plenty of time to calmly decide which car rental service is right for you. Don’t let your dream car blow your nose: block it in advance directly from the site! Plan your trip stress-free, even before flying. Once you arrive in Dubai, you will find that the luxury car rental market is quite vibrant and thriving. Many companies offer a car rental service. However, not all of them are reliable and you may find a surprise additional charge to your bank account. If you want to give yourself the luxury of driving a supercar in the UAE, without running the risk of ruining your holiday, trust the best in this field. Supercars per Hour offers the best value for money in the supercar and luxury car category. Enter the site and set the search on the Home Page. Choose the type of vehicle you want to rent from the Brands and Cars categories, selecting the brand or model that best suits your needs.