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Is your dream car a Lamborghini? Hire a supercar at our car rental in Dubai. Discover the thrill of getting behind the wheel of one of the most coveted luxury cars, the Lambo, a prodigy of power and design, an excellence of Made in Italy famous all over the world. The Supercar per Hour car rental service offers the exclusive opportunity to drive luxury cars, sports cars, SUVs, and any large-engined car. What you have always dreamed of is present in our fleet, at your complete disposal. During a vacation or a business trip it may be convenient to rent a car. The advantages are many, such as moving independently from one place to another on the travel itinerary without having to submit to the timetables of public transport. Those who prefer to rent a car know the incomparable feeling of spending their stay abroad like a true native. It is another way of conceiving travel, freer and more authentic. Dubai is the luxury capital of the world. It often happens to meet the most luxurious European and American supercars on the streets of the Arab city. So, if you want to conform to the lifestyle of the citizens of Dubai, you can’t do anything but rent a supercar and enjoy the engine of these killer cars!

Drive a Lamborghini car in Dubai

Write Lamborghini and read quality and great performance. Those who know the car design of the Italian team know what we are referring to: for almost 60 years, Ferruccio Lamborghini’s brand has been offering sports cars and supercars that are second to none. The founder chose a fighting bull for the Scuderia logo, a symbol of freedom, power and courage, the same characteristics shared with the brand. Enjoy a luxury experience aboard a Lamborghini Huracan, which bears the name of one of the most aggressive fighting bulls in history. It is a supercar with great performance but which can be used every day. Ideal for moving between the main attractions of Dubai. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more practical style that keeps all the charm of a luxury car intact, you can opt for a Lamborghini Urus, the flagship super SUV of the Italian team.

Investing in car rental with Supercar per Hour

If you have a flair for business, you will have noticed that mobility is one of the fastest growing sectors. The car rental market is in excellent health and the prospects for the future are increasingly rosy. Why is it better to rent a car than to buy it? The car rental fee includes insurance and maintenance costs, both ordinary and extraordinary. A formula that allows you to drive the car of your dreams, albeit for a limited time, without having to think about anything, just enjoying the asphalt under your wheels. Supercar per Hour offers the opportunity to invest in the flourishing car rental market in Dubai, earning a monthly fee without running any business risk. All you have to do is make your car available for the Supercar per Hour car fleet for a year. Every month you will receive 50% of the profit earned with the car rental, without having to pay anything. Management, car washing or marketing costs are charged to Supercar per Hour. Discover our section of the Invest with Us website, where you will find all the details to expand your business in the car rental sector.