Supercar Per Hour

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The Supercars per Hour platform allows anyone in the United Arab Emirates to rent the best high-performance supercars quickly and easily. When it comes to supercars, the first that comes to mind is certainly Ferrari: the Italian red racing car, the Scuderia of the prancing horse founded by the legendary Enzo Ferrari. Supercar per Hour puts at your disposal the most prestigious cars in the world, which can be rented for a limited time and available at advantageous prices. More and more users decide to rent a car when they are abroad. This trend has numerous advantages, such as maintenance costs, repairs and assistance included in the rental price.

Why should you rent a Ferrari?

Why miss the chance to drive a Ferrari for a day or for a few hours (Supercar per Hour also offers an hourly rate)? Thanks to the rental, you can make your dream come true without having to shell out the necessary capital to purchase a supercar. Since the 1940s, Ferrari has been producing high-end sports and racing cars. We are talking about the car that more than any other allows you to show off a unique status quo, a four-wheeled representation of luxury and power. Enjoy an experience you won’t easily forget: driving a Ferrari Portofino along the streets of Dubai, breathing in that air full of future, innovation and luxury. Or, if you prefer to hear the roar of the most powerful V8 engine in the history of the Maranello House, get on board a Ferrari 488, convertible or coupe version.

Things to know before rent a car in Dubai

In a city where even the police travel aboard very expensive supercars, luxury is a must and those who decide to visit Dubai want to experience, even if only for a few days, the high standards offered by the Emirate society. If your dream is to drive an ultra-luxury sports car, in Dubai there are many services and options for renting the supercar you have in mind. For this reason, it is important to rely on a safe and transparent car rental company that provides all the necessary information and that does not reserve nasty surprises (such as, for example, undeclared additional costs) before signing the contract. With Supercar per Hour you can feel confident about cruising around the Arab city, without having to worry about a thing. Trust us for any type of information or quote and we will try to satisfy all your requests.

But before renting a car in the United Arab Emirates, do you know that there are some driving rules that you may not know about?

• What is the minimum age to rent a car in the UAE?
You must be 21 years old to be able to rent a car in Dubai.
• Are there minimum and maximum speed limits?
In the UAE, the busiest roads may have a minimum speed limit of 60km/h. Attention, the indications are expressed in km/h and not in miles!
• Does the car rental cover the cost of insurance?

All car rental companies in Dubai must include mandatory third party coverage. Supercar per Hour offers extra paid insurance policies, for even more efficient coverage in the event of damage. With Supercar per Hour you can choose between different models of Ferrari cars or, if you prefer, a Lamborghini or a Chevrolet.